Critical Race Theory Explained with Monique Duson

October 25, 2021

What is Critical Race Theory. Monique Duson and I discuss CRT in this episode of DyerConversations. We show how CRT is tied to other ideologies like fat studies, gender studies, able-bodied studies, etc... We discuss how CRT teaches that minorities have a unique voice of color and whether there is any truth to that statement. Our conversation discusses whether CRT is a biblical concept and whether churches should talk about it at all or just leave it alone. Finally we ask what Christians can do to help promote real reconciliation. 

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• 01:15 Billy’s intro to CRT
• 02:32 What is CRT? 
• 06:25 Monique’s intro to CRT
• 08:49 CRT & Postmodernism
• 11:15 Unique Voice of Color? 
• 14:59 Do all minorities accept CRT? 
• 19:03 Systemic Racism in America
• 27:15 The Church, The Bible, & CRT
• 36:15 Should Churches talk about CRT? 
• 43:38 Where the Church fails regarding CRT
• 47:08 Monique’s curriculum on Biblical Reconciliation
• 51:22 Positive things Christians can do about social justice

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