Dealing with Deconstruction

June 23, 2021

You may have heard of popular Christians, like Rhett and Link, Kevin Max from DC Talk, the Gungors, and Jon Steingard, deconstructing their faith. Maybe you do not even know what "deconstruction" means. If you understand it, then how do Christians respond? In this podcast episode, Tim Hull from "Dealing with Deconstruction" podcast, joins me for a great conversation about life, ministry, and following Christ. Tim works alongside of Bobby Conway "The One-Minute Apologist" and also serves on staff at Image Church near Charlotte, NC. 

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03:45 Normal Questions Tim hears
08:05 Do skeptics misunderstand Christianity? 
11:52 Tim’s Background
21:24 How God uses trials to shape us
24:10 Mental Health & the Church
27:55 How confident should we be about faith? 
35:29 The way skeptics respond
39:20 Tim’s take on traditional marriage
46:47 Cultural shift in Church about LGBTQ+
56:04 The hardest cultural issue for Christians
1:03:27 Way churches can help social justice
1:05:30 Responding with grace to haters
1:08:18 Ways to reach Gen Z
1:12:39 Closing

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